Square washbasins

Lavandino square washbasins show all the beauty of natural stone on their entire surface.

Round washbasins

Washbasins made in one piece, with a rounded shape.

Oval washbasins

Made in one piece, these oval washbasins offer greater comfort to the user. We offer a wide range of products, discover our models.

Floating sink

They are usually made to measure, to adapt to the space. A line of washbasins made in a single piece, providing great visual impact, becoming one of the differentiating elements of the bathroom. They are usually wall-mounted and integrated.

Pedestal washbasins

Line of washbasins manufactured in a single piece, providing great visual impact, becoming the main element of the bathroom.

Half-pedestal washbasins

The height of the washbasin shows us the beauty of the material, marked or smooth lines in its design as well as different thicknesses.

Kitchen sink

Single or double bowl, round or rectangular, find the one you need. Our kitchen sinks offer style and durability.


Marble is one of the most majestic materials we know to show off in our bathrooms. Durable, resistant, with a wide range of colours.


Unique tables that add a distinctive and elegant touch. We offer you a wide selection of marble tables for any room in your home that you want to renovate with a modern and elegant style.

Shower trays

Anti-slip and waterproof with the beauty of natural stone. We work with multiple natural stones and marbles; some of which are more suitable for the realization of shower trays. Marble offers sensations, textures and unique colour, as well as being unique pieces. Ultra resistant and anti-slip material.