The natural stone

When we talk about marble and natural stone, we usually think of a kitchen countertop, a bathtub or a washbasin, but the truth is that marble offers a long list of possibilities and options. In Lavandino, we invite you to know our finishes, as well as the care that has to be taken with these stones and marbles.

Marble bathtubs are strong, resistant and durable, so they will perfectly resist to almost all types of shampoo, soaps and dyes. The same applies to shower trays. In the case of the tables, the luxurious and sophisticated touch and the uniqueness of each table top makes the dining rooms elegant and classy. One of the great benefits is that, as they are made to measure, they adapt perfectly in size, shape and colour.



As a general rule, the best product for cleaning natural stone is water. Cleaning with plenty of water keeps it in good condition and can always be accompanied by neutral PH soaps.

Aggressive chemical products such as bleach, acid-based degreasers, ammonia, limescale removers, etc. should be avoided. The use of specific products for cleaning natural stone is recommended.

It is important, if any product is spilled on the stone, to clean the stains as soon as possible. This will prevent the stone from absorbing the dirt, which will allow the stains to be removed more easily. It is important to choose the most appropriate product for each stain depending on the agent that has caused it, for which there is a wide range of specific products.

In the case of stains caused by aggressive agents, acids for example, it is advisable to dilute with plenty of water to attenuate their reaction with the salts in the stone.



Natural stone, as the natural material that it is, tends to undergo changes over time. Good maintenance will ensure that the stone remains in good condition and that the natural wear it suffers does not detract from its appearance. When choosing the stone we want to install, we must take into account its location, the aggressions it may suffer (due to atmospheric factors, traffic, etc.), as well as other factors that may affect it. 

It is advisable to consult your supplier about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of stone so that he can recommend the natural stone that best adapts to your needs, as well as the finishes and the different possible solutions for its installation. 

For pieces of natural stone that are going to be used in the creation of worktops, tables or elements that may be exposed to agents that may stain it, it is advisable to previously hydrophobize the material.

This treatment saturates the pores of the stone, preventing it from absorbing any type of substance and avoiding any type of reaction with the material.

For daily use, it is advisable to dry the piece with a dry cloth once it has been used, thus avoiding leaving limescale marks on the washbasin and improving the appearance and durability of our marble washbasin.