Shower tray

At Lavandino we are manufacturers and we can make any shower tray model you request in marble and natural stone.

We work with multiple natural stones and marbles; some of which are more suitable for the realization of shower trays. Marble offers sensations, textures and unique colour, as well as being unique pieces. Ultra-resistant and non-slip material.
They are made to measure, to adapt to the space and to be installed. This slab connects directly to the drain and acts as an insulating barrier against possible water filtration. Shower trays, more and more users are opting for this bathroom item instead of the classic bathtubs. Natural stone is a highly prized material in architecture and interior design, with marble being one of the most commonly used in bathrooms due to its excellent qualities and low porosity. Thanks to its extraordinary resistance and durability, marble has been, over the centuries, widely used in the world of interior design and in the 21st century it is highly valued because it fills any place with charm. To make them safer, it is advisable that the finish of the material is bush-hammered or antiqued, as smoother finishes can be more slippery.
Precise and durable finishes. Elegance and presence, contact us, choose the finish you want and ask us for a quote. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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